Treatment for Hemorrhoids in Beverly Hills – Surgery

While there are multiple solutions for treating hemorrhoids, the majority of these options cannot permanently cure the condition. Most non-surgical procedures will only go as far as providing temporary relief for the patient, in which case the symptoms come right back as soon as the treatment is ended. Luckily, there is one remedy that promises to eliminate hemorrhoids safely and effectively, namely surgery. Surgical methods that include laser hemorrhoid surgery in Beverly Hills have been shown to provide long-term relief for people suffering from external hemorrhoids. Discussed below are several surgical solutions for effective eradication of hemorrhoids piles.

Laser Surgery

Hemorrhoids surgery in Beverly Hills is arguably the most effective means of providing permanent relief for hemorrhoids patients. Research reveals that the success rate of laser surgery for hemorrhoids treatment goes as high as 98%. In this procedure, the surgeon utilizes laser light to execute the task of piles removal. For this purpose, the light beam plays a critical role, and the entire procedure requires utmost caution to be effective. In fact, a slight mistake can easily cost the patient’s life, which is why you need a competent hemorrhoid surgeon in Los Angeles for precise handling of the procedure.

Laser treatment entails careful vaporization and excision of the problematic piles. Failure to remove hemorrhoids often leads to multiple health issues that include anal bleeding. Laser hemorrhoid removal in Los Angeles is usually preferred over the other surgical methods as it causes little discomfort and the patient heals very fast while requiring minimal medication. This treatment is especially ideal for people who are scared of surgeries because it’s carried out in a controlled and entirely bloodless environment. Also, the treatment is associated with relatively fewer risks.

The Milligan Morgan Technique

 This treatment provides an excellent method for getting rid of piles. The Milligan Morgan technique is particularly ideal for the elderly, who are often skeptical about undergoing surgery. It’ success can be traced back to 1937 in a procedure where three vital vessels linked with hemorrhoids were effectively excised. During the process, a hemorrhoid doctor in Los Angeles leaves three pear-shaped cuts entirely open, which are subsequently separated by skin bridges coupled with a mucosa. This treatment is not only effective in getting rid of hemorrhoids, but it’s also completely safe.

There are numerous forms of hemorrhoid treatments ranging from over the counter corticosteroid creams to surgery. While every person has hemorrhoids, they don’t present a problem until they become swollen or enlarged. In this case, the patient might experience excruciating pain especially when passing stool. It’s, therefore, imperative to consult with a competent surgeon for accurate diagnosis and subsequent treatment.

While non-surgical methods can provide temporary relief for chronic hemorrhoids, surgery often comes in handy as a long-term solution to the problem. Most people get nervous at the prospect of undergoing surgery. They often imagine heavy bleeding and the likelihood of the operation going wrong; these fears are completely unfounded. Surgical treatments for hemorrhoids are quick and easy in addition to presenting minimal risks.


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