Moving Companies and their Relocation Services

Moving Companies and their Relocation Services

National moving companies can take a lot of the stress out of relocation. A professional mover can help you plan a move that will fit your budget while saving you money, time, and energy.

Types of Movers

There are three types of movers to consider when you search for someone to move your most precious possessions. First is the local mover, he may be licensed to move people around a certain town, county, or state. Second would be the national movers that are licensed by the FCC to move households and commercial entities around the continental United States. The third would be international movers who are familiar with international tariffs and customs laws. It is important for a customer to find the type mover they actually need to protect their furniture and produce the move needed.

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Local moves are usually charged by the hour according to how many men needed plus the vehicle. Both men and vehicles have hourly rates and usually an hour is added for their travel time. On local moves, look for their hourly prices for a certain crew like three men and a truck, or two men and a truck.

When moving from state to state, a national company becomes necessary. They charge by weight and mileage. They can estimate the weight of the things you are moving in a household move and look up the distance. Most will give you an estimate and guarantee it to be within 10% depending on variables.

International movers have a harder job estimating costs because they have to check the international tariffs. Also, customs have specific rules about what can enter their countries. These international companies tend to be extremely qualified but make sure you find a legitimate, qualified international mover to ensure that your belongings are held in perpetuity at some international border.

If you are looking for a Pearland TX mover or for a mover located around Houston, Texas, we would like to apply for your consideration. We can handle your local or national move with great efficiency. We offer free estimates. We are licensed, bonded and insured. We have packing material with rates competitive to any moving company. Ask about the countries where we provide international moving. Call us for complete moving services that you can trust.

It is important when shopping for movers Pearland TX after deciding on which type of company to hire, to find a qualified professional. Our professionals will help you plan every phase of your move. You will be educated about packing, and if you need our company to pack for you, we will handle everything for you. If you decide to pack for yourself, we have a wide variety of packing boxes and packing materials.


Insurance is another consideration. Most national companies have a small insurance that is included in the moving price. The most common insurance is 60 cents per pound per item. You can evaluate your owned items. This would insure a laptop that weighs 8 pounds at $4.80. Most laptops are worth considerably more than that. A desktop computer that weighs 30 pounds would be valued if damaged at $18. These are only examples, and if you can, you should transport small valuable electronics yourself. You should however, insure your household items to be moved at a rate that is comparable to the value you place upon them.

For relocation services in east Texas, search moving company Pearland Texas. Your results will help you locate a variety of companies and you can choose the professional service you need for the particular type of move needed.

Our company will be one of the results your search discovered. We handle moving for local and national situations but we also do some international work. I hope we service where you need to move. We are sure to have the best service and price of the places in our repertoire.

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